Ngoai Giao Doan Apartments for rent

Embassy Garden Tay Ho - Ngoai Giao Doan is a high-grade apartments area located in the West of West Lake, in Xuan Dinh Commune, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi. There is a very convenient transportation location and the axis of economic and political development of Hanoi. From this location, residents can easily connect to the city center or to the Noi Bai International Airport via Pham Van Dong street - Thang Long bridge, Vo Chi Cong road - Nhat Tan bridge quickly and conveniently.

To better serve the needs of residents, Project Ngoai Giao Doan is invested more utilities and services in order to bring great advantages to the high level of the facilities such as international schools, universities, hospitals, parks, amusement parks. entertainment… In addition, in order to ensure the security of international organizations, The Government of Vietnam is paying special attention to the security of the whole area, Embassies, non-governmental offices .... Along with a lot of facilities around. This new urban area has full of weakness to create a classy urban area.
* The total area of land for studying and adjusting the detailed planning is about 62.8 ha, in which the adjusted content:
* The land for the building of embassies, offices of international organizations and representative offices is 20.2954m2.
* Land for building high buildings with a total area of 135.103m2
* The land for construction of technical infrastructure and social infrastructure has a total area of 288.943m2.
* The population of the whole area is 9700 people.
Near Ciputra new urban area, Thanh Pho Giao Luu urban area, Co Nhue New Urban Area and Embassies of other countries.
Next to Hoa Binh park, Huu Nghi park, Vuon Dao villa area, convenient transportation and economic development axis.
Located close to the system of large universities: the People's Police Academy, Financial Academy, Hanoi University of Education, Institute of Media and Propaganda.
Hospital Clinic: 19-8 Hospital Ministry of Public Security, Hospital E
Supermarkets: Metro Supermarket, Big C Supermarket, Fivimark Supermarket and large shopping centers around the urban areas.
* The single villa is located in the north, close to the existing residential area. It is a wonderful architectural transition between the old low-rise structures in the north and new high-rise buildings planned in the south.
* Embassy area and central lake park arranged side by side, organized into a large English style garden, and linked with Hoa Binh park, Huu Nghi park and West Lake to form a population. harmonize and highlight the green structure of the project
* The Ngoai Giao Doan (office, center, apartment building), located along the East-West road, creates a harmonious combination with the architecture of West West Lake.
* Public sports facilities are located in the East, running along the East-West axis
Including 4 zones N01, N02, N03, N04 are designed with a very low construction density of about 30-33% and the rest are public. The buildings are spatially oriented, ensuring that they do not interfere with the visibility of other buildings. In order to reduce energy consumption, light and natural ventilation are properly regulated.
All 23 buildings are from 21 to 45 floors.
* Zone N01 consists of 8 apartment buildings from T1 to T8
* The N02 consists of 3 buildings from T1 to T3 with a height of 22-25 floors
* Area N03 consists of 8 courts arranged from T1 to T8 with height from 21 to 31 floors
* The N04A consists of two 23 storey apartment buildings
* Area N04B consists of two towers T1 and T2 with a height of 28 floors


N02 – T1 N03 – T1 N03 – T3 & N03 – T4 N03 – T8 N04B – T1 & T2


95,5m2 107.6m2 137.5m2 80.3m2 100m2


103m2 116m2 138m2 84m2 112m2


104m2 117.9m2 139m2 87m2 115m2


  121.4m2 140.4m2 94m2 137m2


143.7m2   138m2


143.8m2   160m2




* Modern swimming pool area
* Pre-school to high school with good teachers and foreign teachers
* Green park around the large project to create a fresh feeling and relaxation for the residents
* Supermarket - Trade Center: including a supermarket - shopping center for residents in shopping and entertainment.
* Indoor and outdoor play area
* Restaurant - Cafe
* Drugstore
* Community Facilities: Gym, Spa, strolling, sport field, football, tennis to serve the needs of residents.

Hotline: 0983 91 93 95